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BORACS was established in Shanghai in December 2003 during an era when quality pallet-racking products were rare in China. Established with a simple vision of producing high-quality and competitively priced racking systems, Boracs achieved its objective in a very short period of time and started shipping quality products to the world. The factory was later moved to Nanjing in 2009.

We are very confident and proud of our own product quality that, way back in 2005, we were

probably the FIRST racking manufacturer in China whose products were stamped with our own logo.

Backed with good quality, BORACS was quickly recognized by many international resellers in the market.

When most markets except Europe were still not receptive to pre-galvanized Upright Frames, we were

probably the FIRST in China to produce pre-galvanized upright frames for European orders.

Till today, we continue to specialize in the international export market providing resellers with solutions on storage and logistics needs for their clients.

BORACS strives to serve our clients and resellers with quality products, competitive prices, sound technical solutions, and prompt services, thus keeping all our resellers on board BORACS Family since the first day they joined us. Over the years,

we have installations in over 40 countries, and the number continues to grow.

Product quality begins with quality materials.

In BORACS, supplier’s material quality certificates are not sufficient to provide us peace of mind,

we conduct regular Tensile and Yield Strength tests to ensure only qualified materials are used.

Boracs is ISO9001 and CE mark certified.

Our Selective and Cantilever racks are subjected to rigorous tests compliance with European FEM and Australian Standards.

International Standards Tests

ISO9001 & CE Certifications