Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking (Selective system)

The most commonly used warehouse pallet racking system which provides direct storage of every pallet. Therefore, save time.

Pallet Racking (Drive-in system)

Forklift truck enters into the storage channel to move pallets in and out of the pallet racks. Hence, maximize storage space.

Gravity Pallet Racking

Use roller system to move pallet automatically via gravity in FIFO (Gravity) or LIFO (Push-In) manner.

Pallet Pull-Out Drawer

Makes storing and picking of small items an easy task. 

With pull-out ratio of 70%, pallet racks height can be greatly reduced to create more storage space in your pallet racks.

Wire Mesh Deck & Shelving

To store small items or boxes on the lower levels of the pallet racks.